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Mobility solution for employees, professionals and collectivities

Now part of the urban environment, cargo bikes keep getting more and more popular among cyclists, individuals as well as professionals. Whether it is to go to work, make a delivery or daily commuting, their success is now obvious. JoKer Bike brings to mobility service providers the possibility to integrate a cargo bike to their rental offer, without the need of a heavy investment, by reusing the bikes they already have in stock.

An innovative bicycle fork

The JoKer Mini is a cargo fork that replaces the fork of the original bicycle to transform it into a compact cargo bike.

By upcycling or improving their fleets of bicycles, mobility service providers easily renew their bike sharing offers, and prolong the lifetime of their bicycle fleets.

An innovative product
Icone Certification


A product which is normed NF EN ISO4210, designed for an immediate and safe integration onto standardized bikes

Icone Certification


A solution that brings the possibility to quickly deploy a cargo bike fleet without heavy investments

Icone Certification


Components 95% produced and assembled in France, and almost exclusively within the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region



The transformation of a bike into a cargo bike with the JoKer Mini is as simple as changing a bicycle fork. The product can be installed in thirty minutes on 90% of existing bikes. We accompany our clients in every integration step, from their existing offer until their brand new "cargo bike" offer is brought to the market.

JoKer Bike provides their expertise to their clients so they can optimize the assembling time and to make their cargo bikes fleet operational as early as possible:

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Evaluation of the client's compatible bikes with the JoKer Mini

Integration plan for the assembling of the JoKer Mini on the client's bike(s)

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Tutorials, trainings and technical support for the first assembling

Expertise for potential certifications

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Follow up

Common communication to stimulate the users' reactions and multiply commercial opportunities


Cargo bikes are more and more demanded by users. More and more delivery companies are using them, particularly for theLast Kilometer, for which it represents an excellent economical solution. Users like them for their ergonomics and their versatility for daily transportation, and gladly use them to go to work and do their groceries. However, most of the existing solutions remain very expensive and represent a heavy investment, to purchase as well as to rent. It also often is a large vehicle, difficult to store and park in the street.

The purpose of the JoKer Mini is to answer these problems, by making cargo bikes financially accessible to every cyclist : by simply replacing the fork of the original bicycle, it becomes possible to avoid the purchase of an entire solution, and thus save money! What's more, any bike equipped with the JoKer Mini has the same size than a normal bike. Thus, users can keep riding his bicycle the way they like, but with a multiplied number of possibilities!