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  • Is the JoKer Mini compatible with my bicycle?

    The JoKer Mini can be installed on the majority of city bicycles, mountain bikes and electric bikes, with or without suspension. The JoKer Mini is provided with a 1"1/8 steerer (which corresponds to a 28.6mm-diameter, measurable on the original bicycle), compatible with AheadSet steering system (threadless fork steerer) and with conical steering columns (via a conical adapter).

    A non-exhaustive list of the bicycle models that are not compatible with the JoKer Mini is given hereafter: bicycles with a wheel diameter below 26"or above 29", bicycles with plunger headset (threaded fork steerer), racing bikes, carbon-frame bikes, bicycles with a fork steerer diameter different than 1"1/8 (ø28.6 mm), tapered steerer bikes, bikes without the ISO 4210 certification, bicycles with a front wheel-engine, Speed Bikes (reaching speeds above 25 km/h), specific bikes (recumbent bikes, cargo bikes...).

    At last, the used bicycle must have a minimum crown height of 700 mm from the ground. Click here to learn how to measure the crown height of your bicycle.

    You can know if your bicycle is compatible with the JoKer Mini in only few seconds by accessing the compatibility form.

  • How can I know if my bicycle's headset is "AheadSet" or "Threaded"?

    Your bicycle's steering system might be "AheadSet" or "threaded". It is important to be aware of which version of steering system is installed on your bike, in order to determine if your bicycle is or is not compatible with the JoKer Mini.

    In the case of threaded steering system, the top of the fork steerer is provided with a thread that allows screwing a nut and a lock nut to maintain the steering system in place. The stem fits into the fork steerer and is maintained by an expander nut. The diving stem can be recognized thanks to its screw on the top of the stem and its long diving tube. If this is the case, then your steering system is "threaded", and your bicycle is not compatible with the JoKer Mini.

    In the case of a AheadSeat steering system, the top of the fork steerer does not have a thread, and the stem maintains the steering system via tightening around the fork steerer. The AheadSet stem can be recognized thanks to its two screws on the side of the stem, and its screw on the top. If this is the case, then your steering system is "AheadSet", and if your bicycle meets the previous criteria, then it is compatible with the JoKer Mini.

  • What is included in the "JoKer Mini" kit?

    The "JoKer Mini" kit is provided with the main frame, a central kickstand, a 20 inch-wheel and a disc braking system. The client can choose to only purchase the frame and the kickstand if he wishes to install his/her own wheel and disc braking system.

  • Can the JoKer Mini carry a child?


    The JoKer Mini is compatible with children seats intended to be attached to the rear luggage rack of your bike by "vice" tightening.
    For instance, Polysport, Decathlon or Urban Iki baby seats are compatible.

    The maximum weight for children transportation is limited by the seat. In average, seats can accept up to 22-25 kg. Some of them can go up to 35 kg.

    The JoKer Mini can be equipped withhoops to protect your child, and skirt guards to prevent access to the wheel spokes.

    In order to know more about the accessories provided by JoKer Bike, please visit our online shop!

  • Is the JoKer Mini compliant with the security requirements?

    Yes. The JoKer Mini is certified by the NF EN ISO 4210 norm applied to bicycle forks, and has been lab-tested in order to guarantee a high degree of robustness and reliability for the transportation of heavy loads.

  • Once equipped with the JoKer Mini, does my bicycle remain easy to ride?


    Each and every bike has a unique and user-friendly geometry. The bike maneuverability depends on its trail. The trail corresponds to the distance between the rotation center of the wheel and the fork steerer axis. A high trail increases the stability and decreases the maneuverability, and oppositely.

    A bicycle equipped with the JoKer Mini becomes a compact cargo bike. The weight of the "JoKer Mini" kit, after subtracting the weight of the original fork, adds 4 kg to the complete configuration. The JoKer Mini's geometry thus takes this parameter into account, as well as the weight of the transported load. The use of a 20 inch-wheel dramatically lowers the center of gravity, which contributes to the load natural balance.

    In addition, the JoKer Mini's geometrical parameters converge to those of the existing bicycles' basic geometries. Empirical and analytical studies have given the average values of the crown height and the steering angle, in order to guarantee a platform angle systematically below 2°, whatever the bicycle. At last, by increasing the value of the trail, the JoKer Mini gives the bike a good maneuverability when unloaded, and an excellent stability once loaded.

  • How to install the JoKer Mini on my bicycle?

    The JoKer Mini gets installed just like a traditional bicycle fork. The JoKer Mini's installation tutorial is accessible on the following link, and its installation manual is available on the following link.

  • How long does it take to install the JoKer Mini on my bicycle?

    The JoKer Mini can be installed in the same way than a traditional bicycle fork. The installation time can vary depending on the bicycle type and the user's experience. In average, the JoKer Mini installation can be done within an hour. It is very possible to use the help of a bicycle dealer to get the JoKer Mini installed.

  • What is the braking system installed on the JoKer Mini?

    The JoKer Mini brings your bicycle into the cargo bike category. Its braking performance must be adapted accordingly. The JoKer Mini is thus equipped with a disc braking system which, once assisted by the rear brake of your bike, ensures a powerful braking and an optimal safety during load transportation.

  • In which color is the JoKer Mini available?

    The JoKer Mini is available in "satin black" color. More colors will be available in the near future.

  • Where is the JoKer Mini made?

    The JoKer Mini has been designed and prototyped in France. It is still proudly made, assembled and painted by the best manufacturers of the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region.

  • How can I become a reseller of the JoKer Mini?

    To become a reseller, click the link "Become a reseller" in the footer, or contact us at

  • Is the JoKer Mini eligible for the financial aid for the purchase of a cargo offered by the State?

    Depending on the city you live in, the JoKer Mini may be eligible to a financial aid offered by the State or your city.

    In order to make your case easier, it is important for your bike shop to mention "cargo bike" in the title of the invoice for your final assembling. For this, we advise you to get in touch with one of our resellers.

    The amount of the aid will depend on your mail address. We encourage you to also consult online information about your local policies for the purchase of a cargo bike.