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JoKer Mini: the cargo fork

The JoKer Mini is a cargo fork that replaces the fork of any bicycle to turn it into a compact cargo bike. Its central kickstand gives it perfect stability when stationary, even when loaded. The JoKer Mini has a wide range of accessories designed to adapt to your daily life!

Your bike already is a cargo bike


The 50cm x 45cm-platform of the JoKer Mini is a surface that allows the transportation of heavy and bulky loads, while remaining extremely compact.


The steel frame of the JoKer Mini combines strength, flexibility, durability and comfort.


The 20 inch-wheel lowers the center of gravity of the JoKer Mini, dramatically improves the balance and facilitates the ride.


The central kickstand of the JoKer Mini, assembled by default, ensures the stability of the immobility of the bicycle while the platform is being loaded or unloaded.


The hydraulic disc brake system gets easily installed on the handlebar of the original bike, and provides a reliable and powerful braking, regardless of the weather. The JoKer Mini is also certified with the NF EN ISO 4210 norm.


The JoKer Mini's geometric trail, bigger than the average trails of existing bicycles, gives the bike an excellent maneuverability, loaded or unloaded.


Thanks to its universal 1"1/8 steerer, the JoKer Mini is compatible with a large majority of existing bicycles, whether or not electrically assisted.


The frame of the JoKer Mini is entirely customizable, thanks to the numerous attachment points. The JoKer Mini is thus compatible with JoKer Bike's range of accessories and even with your own equipment.

Transform your bike into a cargo bike with peace of mind!

An ingenious concept

The JoKer Mini's design is the result of several years of engineering at JoKer Bike. Its geometry has been studied to allow a universal compatibility, and offer a good stability-handling ratio. JoKer Bike surround themselves with the best industrial partners to access complete manufacturing processes of the highest quality: tube bending, welding, production line, assembling, painting, mounting and testing.

A Made-in-AuRA fabrication

JoKer Bike's development work, coupled with the know-how of the French industry, brings on the bike market an innovative solution entirely made in Auvergne Rhone Alpes, a historical region known for its long-time expertise. The JoKer Mini and its accessories are the results of collaborations between the members of a mature ecosystem that covers all the production line, from design to delivery.

Soft Bag

The Soft Bag is a waterproof textile basket made for deliverers and cycling workers. It has an above 100-liter capacity and lets you carry packages or transport a dog with your compact cargo bike.

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Family Kit

The Family Kit allows you to safely transport your child. It easily gets installed on the JoKer Mini's frame, and protects your child by securing the seat mounted on your JoKer Mini.

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Technical specifications

Icône matériau | JoKer Bike


Icône matériau | JoKer Bike

20 inches

Icône matériau | JoKer Bike


Icône matériau | JoKer Bike
Maximum load

45 kg

Icône matériau | JoKer Bike
Platform size

50 cm x 45 cm

Icône matériau | JoKer Bike
Complete Kit Weight

8 kg