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The JoKer Mini turns your bike into a compact cargo bike

Icône ampoule - Concept innovant | JoKer Bike


The JoKer Mini replaces the fork of your bike and increases its transportation capacity.

Icône ampoule - Concept innovant | JoKer Bike


Agile and compact, the JoKer Mini is easy to ride, to store at home and to park in the city.

Icône ampoule - Concept innovant | JoKer Bike


The JoKer Mini can be equipped with commutable accessories that adapt to daily transportation.

The advantages of a cargo bike, not the inconvenience

Save yourself buying a cargo bike

Why invest in a cargo bike when your bike can become one? Whether it is your old and unused bicycle, or your brand new electric bike, make it evolve. Keep your riding habits and increase its capacity by turning it into a compact cargo bike.

Do everything by bike

Be done with the car! Thanks to the JoKer Mini, load transportation in cities has never been that easy. Your bike now has the same capacity of a cargo bike, and can easily carry loads bigger than 60L and up to 45 kg.

Increase the capacity, not the size

Who said a cargo bike was mandatorily bulky? With its compact size, your bicycle equipped with the JoKer Mini remains light and does not exceed the size of a standard bike. Your cargo bike perfectly fits in a garage, goes through corridors, and easily gets down the pavement. Very convenient for home storage and parking around the city!

Make your daily life easier

Whether doing groceries, carrying your child to school, making deliveries, or simply going on vacations, the JoKer Mini comes along with you in your daily life and in all situations.

A Made-in-France fabrication

JoKer Bike leans on the local ecosystem and its historical expertise, long-known in the bicycle industry. JoKer Mini is 100% "made in Auvergne Rhone Alpes" innovation!

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