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Personalize your JoKer Mini according to your daily use


The Board is the accessory that makes the platform of the JoKer Mini a solid base for the daily transportation of objects. It is made of wood, and can be used with elastic straps that keep the load still while traveling.

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Wood Box

The Wood Box is made of wood and gets installed on the Board to evolve in a 70L-capacity box. The Wood Box thus facilitates the transportation of small and bigger objects.

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The Hoops are compatible with the Board and allow you to safely transport your child, your pet and any kind of load. They get directly and easily installed on the JoKer Mini's frame.

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The Basket is an accessory made of reconditionned plastic, made of oyster bags. Very light, it allows an easy transportation of your groceries and your pet.

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The mudguard gets quickly and intuitively installed on the frame of the JoKer Mini. Perfect to protect yourself from splashes during rainy weather!

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Skirt guards

The Skirt guards pair protects your passenger from the wheel spokes. They also add an aesthetic touch to your JoKer Mini!


The bungee net allows you to maintain the load on your JoKer Mini. It can be installed on any accessory!

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