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Transport more volume and stay light

The Basket is the accessory that allows you to transport your groceries and your pet in a very simple way. It is very light, and designed by a craft workshop based in La Rochelle, France, is made of reconditionned plastic, gets easily installed via screwing on the frame, and is compatible with the Board.

An easy an aesthetic way to transport more volume

Made in France from oyster bags, the Basket is composed of recycled polypropylene, which makes it weather-resistant, while keeping is light weight that makes the ride very pleasant.

Technical specifications

Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike


45 cm x 45 cm x 27 cm

Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike



Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike


Recycled polypropylene

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