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Secure your transported load with the Hoops

The Hoops are maintaining bars which protect your load transported on the JoKer Mini. They are made of solid tubes which get easily screwed on the JoKer Mini's frame. For an even friendlier user experience, the Hoops are compatible with the Board.

Hoops for a perfectly secure ride

Once installed on the JoKer Mini, the Hoops allow to protect your child or your pet Equip your JoKer Mini with the child seat of your choice (available at the closest JoKer Bike's reseller), with the Hoops and Skirt guards (available in our online shop) to turn your JoKer Mini into its "Family" version and carry your child all around the city!

For more information about children transportation, visit our FAQ !

Technical specifications

Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike


45 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm

Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike



Icône dimensions - Baby Seat | JoKer Bike


S235 Steel

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149 €