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Cargo bike: what are the accessories?

Posted by Jordan Suchet on

More and more appreciated by city dwellers, cargo bikes is now a perfect alternative to the car for everyday trips. Able to carry tens of kilos of load, cargo bikes make you forget about traffic jams forever !

But if it's no secret that pedaling is the fastest way to get around town, how can cargo bikes offer the same comfort as your good old car ?

The secret: accessories. They are multiple, of all shapes and for all uses.

Whether it is to carry your groceries, your children, your pet or your equipment, we tell you everything about them! 10 minutes to choose your cargo bike ".

Carrying your groceries or your pet

The basis of bicycle commuting is to be able to easily carry your groceries or your four-legged friend. Good news: cargo bikes manufacturers have already thought of you! You even have a lot of choices depending on the cargo bike model you will choose.

In the case of the " long tail", you can opt for saddlebags hanged at the back of your bike.

Vélo rallongé Tern équipé de sacoches latérales pour le transport des coursesBags for transporting groceries hanging from a Tern GSD

Even better, the frame can be equipped with a basket with a generous capacity. Some long tails even are designed for this purpose, offering fixing points to hang a custom basket!

Long-tail Bicicapace Justlong with front basketFront basket on a Bicicapace Justlong

If you prefer a carrier or a tricycle, the problem is solved even faster: your cargo bike will be already equipped with a transport box with a capacity of several tens of liters. Shopping has become a real pleasure !

Cargo fork JoKer Mini with wooden box installed on a VAE on the marketWooden box installed on a JoKer Mini

In the case of the tricycle, the (particularly voluminous) box offers a very consequent capacity. Your companion will not run out of space!

Big dog transported in Babboe Dog carrier Transporting a dog in a Babboe Dog carrier

Finally, if you are worried that your load will be damaged by the weather, you can always choose a waterproof transport case .

Waterproof transport case on Twelve Cycles G4 CarrierWaterproof transport case on Twelve Cycles G4 Carrier

Transporting your children, warm and safe

The cargo bike is also designed for transporting children and adults. Everything has been thought for their comfort and their safety !

  • The baby seat

For children under 3 years old, one or more baby seat(s) can be installed at the rear of your extended bike.

Siège bébé à l'arrière du Famileo d'Oklo pour transporter un enfantOklo Famileo rear baby seat

  • Foot rests, soft seats and protective hoops

The long tail is designed mainly for family use and is therefore suitable for the transport of children up to an advanced age. By equipping your extended bike with foot rests, soft seat and even with protective bars, you can transport your children anywhere and safely!

Long-tail Yuba Spicy Curry équipé de repose-pieds et d'arceaux de protectionFoot rests, soft seat and protective hoops on a Yuba Spicy Curry

  • Integrated child seats in the cargo box

Are you thinking of a front-load cargo bike? Good news, these solutions are also designed to transport your children! By integrating seats directly in the body and adding safety seatbelts, your children will enjoy a very comfortable trip.

Transporter 3 enfants dans la caisse du triporteur Babboe CurveTransporting children in a Babboe Curve

Transporter des enfants en ville avec le biporteur Packster 60 de Riese & MüllerChild seats in a Packster 60 from Riese & Müller

  • Weather protection

You read that right, even rain will not prevent you from riding your bike anymore. Thanks to a rain cover designed to protect your children from bad weather, they will travel dry in all seasons, both on a two and three-wheeled bike !

Canopy installed on the Urban Arrow Family to transport childrenCanopy on an Urban Arrow Family

Finally, if the long tail is your favorite, you don't need to worry about it: your extended bike can also be equipped with a canopy, with a look just as singular as your bike.

Canopy installed on the Tern GSD for transporting childrenCanopy equipped on a Tern GSD

Our conclusion

As you can see, cargo bikes manufacturers are getting more and more ingenious to allow you to do everything by bike. If there were already a lot of accessories available to allow you to ride a bike at any time of the year, and if the electric bike has further widened the range of possibilities by extending the average daily distance traveled in cities, cargo bikes now are part of the cities backgrounds, and offer you on a silver platter all the reasons to stop bothering yourself with a car.

So, what are you waiting for get your own cargo bike?

JoKer Mini installé sur un VAE et muni de la Wood Box et d'un siège bébé

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